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Cybersecurity Services

In the realm of cybersecurity, our agency has provided a comprehensive suite of information security services to businesses spanning various industries. Our mission is to mitigate cyber risks and avert the catastrophic consequences of cyberattacks.

Elevate cybersecurity as your catalyst for transformation.

With over a decade of experience, our agency has been a trailblazer in delivering innovative and advanced cybersecurity services. Our expertise lies in securing businesses within complex environments, including the defense and intelligence sectors worldwide. We've invested significantly in establishing credentials and collaborating closely with clients to assist them in reinventing and fortifying their businesses for the future. While cyber threats are a global concern, we acknowledge that each organization confronts unique challenges and locally varying requirements.

Managed Security Services

Collaboration with a proficient managed security services provider (MSSP) empowers businesses to benefit from a mature security infrastructure and processes without substantial upfront investments.

Advocating the Prevent–Detect–Respond model, our cybersecurity agency offers the following MSS components:

Security infrastructure design and management

  • Creation of your security infrastructure to ensure comprehensive and cost-efficient protection tailored to your IT landscape.
  • Setup, configuration, and upgrade of firewalls, SIEM, IPS/IDS, web filtering/SWG, DDoS protection solutions, email security systems, antiviruses, endpoint protection solutions, and other security tools.

Vulnerability management

  • Continuous scanning of your evolving IT environment to reliably protect networks, servers, databases, and applications from vulnerabilities.
  • Regular review of security policies and evaluation of your staff’s cyber resilience.

Managed detection and response

  • Utilizing our Quality Management System to streamline software development processes, ensuring reliable solutions within established deadlines.
  • Agile delivery of new features, offering 365/year security monitoring and log analysis to prevent dire consequences of a security breach, ensuring early threat detection and rapid incident response.

Agile delivery of new features

To prevent dire consequences of a security breach, we offer 365/year security monitoring and log analysis. If the worst comes to the worst, we ensure early threat detection and rapid incident response.

Compliance management

  • Assisting in maintaining and proving compliance with mandatory security standards and regulations.
  • Checking and improving policies, procedures, software, and IT infrastructure to prevent any deviations from relevant compliance requirements.

Security Assessment and Planning

INOVAT delivers full-scale security assessment and planning services for the components of IT infrastructures:

  • Web, mobile, desktop applications
  • Network services
  • Remote access software
  • IoT devices
  • Employee behavior
  • Client side

We help our customers to identify their security risks and define the measures to mitigate the risks by offering our competencies in the areas listed below.

Information security consulting

Our experts assist in designing and implementing comprehensive security programs or specific security policies and measures to ensure efficient use of protective technology, enhance employees' cyber resilience, enable early threat detection, and ensure prompt incident response and recovery.

Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components

We identify security loopholes in our customers’ IT environments. INOVAT's security team meticulously assesses the protection level of your IT infrastructure and defines measures to reduce the number of security vulnerabilities within your network and applications.

The suite of security testing services includes:

Infrastructure security audit

Evaluation of your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities in security policies, procedures, monitoring tools, physical access control, configuration management, and version control.

Compliance assessment

Automated and manual scanning of your IT environment and its elements to ensure compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, NYDFS, and other regulations and standards. The security team provides a detailed attestation letter based on testing results.

Application Security

Poorly coded and insufficiently protected applications can expose a company to risks and data breaches. our agency offers its skills and knowledge in assessing and testing the security of applications (web, mobile, desktop), ensuring effective protection of corporate data stored locally or remotely.

Security code review

  • Detection of existing loopholes in application development.
  • Automated and manual security code review by security experts and engagement of senior developers and architects if needed.

Mobile device management and mobile application management

  • Expertise in applying device management policies and control measures for mobile apps within corporate networks.
  • Installation and tuning of mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions.

Cloud security

our agency assists customers in securing their cloud solutions. As a Gold Microsoft Business Partner, we have the experience to configure special security components, such as Azure Security Center, for managing security and threat protection across cloud workloads.

  • Constant and efficient monitoring of cloud application security.
  • Analysis of event logs from cloud solutions for prompt detection of suspicious activities.
  • Remediation of security weaknesses in the cloud environment.
  • Application of necessary security policies to ensure cloud solutions meet appropriate security standards.

Web application security

Our security experts ensure the proper protection of websites, web apps, and web services.

  • Vulnerability assessment to check encryption, authentication, and other security measures.
  • Provision of valuable recommendations to improve the protection level of web solutions.
  • Offering penetration testing services (as a one-time or regular service) to provide customers with detailed information on real security threats they may face and identifying critical security weaknesses.

Network Protection

By enhancing corporate network security, the risk of privacy spoofing, identity theft, proprietary information theft, Man-in-the-Middle, and DDoS attacks can be diminished.

  • Implementation of multiple defense layers to protect corporate networks and sensitive data.
  • Employing various strategies to safeguard proprietary information and reduce the likelihood of successful attacks.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Our security engineers offer their expertise in IBM Security QRadar to provide a 360-degree view of your IT environment and obtain accurate analytical data on security events in real-time with a QRadar-based SIEM solution.

We deliver a full range of QRadar-related services:

  • QRadar consulting services.Assisting in developing a strategy to integrate QRadar smoothly into your corporate IT landscape.
  • QRadar deployment architecture design.Drawing up QRadar’s technical design in accordance with collaboratively pre-set system requirements and making QRadar an integral part of your security network.
  • QRadar deployment. Deploying QRadar to ensure proper functioning of its modules and the platform’s high performance and scalability.
  • QRadar fine-tuning. Connecting log sources to QRadar, normalizing data flowing to it, configuring modules to process events from multiple network objects, and developing custom correlation rules for revealing complex attacks and detecting security offenses properly.
  • Migration to QRadar. Shifting your SIEM solution that fails to meet security requirements to QRadar, enabling identification of threats and proper response.

For an advanced health check of a QRadar solution, our SIEM consultants developed a standalone tool QLEAN for IBM Security QRadar SIEM.

QLEAN performs the following functions :

  • Automated monitoring of QRadar performance.
  • Checking essential QRadar performance parameters, such as EPS and FPI statistics, incoming log data quality, events and flows timelines.
  • Assessing received data with over 50 operational metrics and 25 health markers, reporting to QRadar administrators to investigate performance issues systematically.
  • Pinpointing possible deviations in QRadar performance to enhance security specialists' ability to see the true security state.
  • Recommending improvements in QRadar configuration to eliminate revealed downfalls.

DDoS protection

In the event a company opts for a specialized online solution like CloudFlare to protect its network against DDoS attacks,our agency has security experts with the skills to implement and configure such solutions properly. Our security engineers set them up to:

  • Prevent disruptions inside your network due to anomalous amounts of malicious traffic.
  • Maintain the high availability of your IT environment components.
  • Analyze cyberattacks quickly and adjust security policies inside the corporate network to avoid future cyberattacks.

Email security

We assist customers in keeping their corporate information safe in email communication and secure from unauthorized access, loss, etc. our security experts protect your network from phishing, spamming, malware, and other attacks against email services. Having worked with major vendors' solutions such as FortiGate and Cisco, we've gained the required experience to:

  • Integrate an email security solution into your company’s infrastructure to ensure smooth operation.
  • Perform tuning of the chosen email security service to prevent sensitive corporate data loss or unintentional sharing via email by your employees.
  • Configure your email security solution properly to reduce the probability your company will face email security threats.

Firewalls, IDS/IPS, DLP Implementation, and Setting

our security team implements and sets the security rules of special solutions to control incoming network traffic, scan it to detect and block potential attacks. We offer the following cybersecurity measures to apply:

  • Hardware or software firewall protection to avoid identity theft, malware, online fraud, and other common cyber threats from the internet.
  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) to promptly warn system administrators on suspicious activities inside your network and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to block attacks before they turn into serious security issues.
  • A data loss prevention (DLP) system to prevent critical corporate information from leaving your network due to users’ reckless behavior.

FAntivirus protection

our security engineers configure antivirus protection to:

  • Improve network security from viruses, spyware, and other types of malicious software from the internet or external drives.
  • Increase network protection against phishing and spoofing internet attacks aiming to steal sensitive data.
  • Provide system administrators with advanced control over web activities across your network to prevent various types of cyber threats from affecting the security of corporate data.
  • Remove potentially harmful software and threats, blocking their progression inside your network.