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From IT consultation to the creation of tailor-made technology solutions and seamless integration of business systems - Our digital agency offers services covering the entire spectrum of software development to accelerate the delivery of your projects.
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Our digital agency knows the intricacies of your field of activity, with its standards and regulations, which allows us to respond quickly to your challenges and make the most of your opportunities.
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Our web agency has accumulated solid experience and grouped some of its examples in one place to help you find an inspiring case and facilitate your decision-making process..
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More than a team of IT professionals, our web agency supports a flexible and progressive environment to adapt to the needs of our clients, gain their trust and develop our expertise.
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INOVAT, Digital Agency & Web Development in Rabat

Based in Rabat, the web digital agency INOVAT specializes in digital development, possessing extensive technical and business expertise to create digital solutions. Our objective is to accompany you in your business endeavors and collaboratively work to launch your web projects, personalize and design your brand identity, and adopt technologies to enhance your business processes.

The digital development services offered by INOVAT are the result of a design that focuses on you and the growth of your business.

We strive for excellence, and this is reflected in several key aspects that make us the ideal partner for you. Our aim is to support your business and work collaboratively, from IT consulting to the creation of personalized digital solutions and the integration of enterprise systems. Our services cover a comprehensive range of software development to accelerate the delivery of your projects.

Discover our services.

  • Développement de logiciels

  • Développement Web

  • Services de cybersécurité

  • Services Cloud

  • Services relatifs aux applications

  • Conseil en informatique

  • Analyse des données

  • Services d'infrastructure

  • Services d'assistance

Web digital agency


The Development Cycle of Our Digital Development Agency, INOVAT.

Do you have specific needs? Perfect! As a digital development agency, we offer you a process that is precisely tailored to your requirements. Our flexibility allows you to order a complete end-to-end software development or simply select the services you need.

  • Your idea

    Concept and ideas discussion

  • Discovery

    Estimation and in-depth research

  • Development

    Implementation of the product’s functionality

  • Product launch

    The final touch and successful deployment

  • Support

    After-launch assistance & regular updates

Expertise multi-industrielle pour différents domaines.

Avec notre expertise, nous couvrons plusieurs domaines pour répondre aux besoins de chaque entreprise, peu importe son secteur d’activité !

Construction et immobilier
Énergie, pétrole et gaz
Services publics et services d'utilité publique
Tourisme & HoReCa
HR et recrutement
Marketing et publicité
Sport et mode de vie
Art et culture

Multi-industry expertise in various fields.

With our expertise, we cover a wide range of fields to meet the needs of every company, whatever its sector of activity!

See All Soulutions
See All Soulutions
See All Soulutions
  • CRM
  • Enterprise applications
  • ERP
  • HR Software
  • Geographical information system (GIS)
  • E-Learning Software
  • Mobile App
  • Web Portal
  • Data Analytics
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Membership Management System (SGA)
Soulutions Offerings


INOVAT designs robust CRM systems to find the optimal solution in terms of cost, functionality, and long-term business value, personalizing the customer experience and automating sales, marketing, and customer service operations. We offer comprehensive CRM services, from consulting to migration, tailored to each stage of the CRM lifecycle.

Soulutions Offerings

Enterprise applications

We design and deliver complete solutions for enterprise application development (web, mobile, or cloud). Our experts modernize existing applications to make them more efficient and integrate them into a modern IT strategy. Additionally, we transform several standalone applications into a coherent system for increased usability and efficiency.

Soulutions Offerings


We develop customized ERP solutions to meet the specific needs of your business, whether in finance, production, sales, or project management. Our goal is to help you automate and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Soulutions Offerings

HR Software

We offer comprehensive HR software solutions, covering administrative management, HR service management, talent management, and workforce management. Each module is designed to optimize your company's HR processes.

Soulutions Offerings

Geographical information system (GIS)

Our GIS 'Geographic Information System' services cover asset inventory, geodatabase design, surface modeling, image classification, mobile deployments, web hosting, geospatial analysis, and strategic planning. Each solution is tailored to your sector and needs.

Soulutions Offerings

E-Learning Software

Our eLearning solutions cover learning management systems, online learning portals, learning experience platforms, student management software, and knowledge management. Each solution is designed to meet your specific needs.

Soulutions Offerings


Our e-commerce solutions are designed to offer a seamless customer experience and agile business operations. Whether you need an online marketplace, multistore, or CMS solution, we have the skills to meet your specific needs.

Soulutions Offerings

Mobile App

We offer mobile application development, integration, and maintenance services to meet your specific needs. Our services include design, development, testing, integration, and support of mobile applications.

Soulutions Offerings

Web Portal

We create customized web portals that enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency within your company. Our services include design, development, integration, and support of web portals.

Soulutions Offerings

Data Analytics

We offer data analysis services to help your business optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. Our goal is to provide you with powerful tools to make informed decisions and succeed in the market.

Soulutions Offerings

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Our document management solutions include creating and managing templates, document generation, production and distribution, as well as document security and compliance. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing your documents.

Soulutions Offerings

Membership Management System (SGA)

We offer membership management solutions to facilitate the management and tracking of members within your organization. Our services include data collection, prospecting, communication, onboarding, and member qualification. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing your members.


Key solutions that will open the door to your success !

INOVAT a Digital Agency that offers tailor-made solutions, ranging from personalized software guaranteeing efficiency and scalability, to the optimization of business processes to increase the productivity of your team. Thanks to our targeted approach, fund management is simplified, promoting the growth of your business. Additionally, our expertise in process automation frees your team from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on priority activities. With INOVAT, you benefit from a complete solution to grow your business, all with a simple and effective approach.

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Custom systems

Take advantage of software designed specifically to please you! Carefully developed by our digital agency, our personalized software solutions are highly efficient and scalable. This will allow you to meet the needs of your business while strengthening your visibility in the market.

Improved business processes

Need to increase the productivity of your team? Maximize your employees' performance with the help of our digital agency and make your job easier with tools that will allow efficient management of all your operations. our digital development agency provides you with tailor-made solutions to optimize your business processes.

Simplified resources management

INOVAT, a digital agency that allows you to transform your resources through our targeted approach and simplified money management, into growing your business. Leverage our financial management expertise to achieve maximum improvement.

Process automation

Free your employees from repetitive and boring tasks with our digital solutions. Instead, opt for automating these processes and allow your team to focus on higher priority and essential tasks. Our digital agency offers innovative solutions for efficient automation of your operations.

Our clients

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